Security in the transport of chemicals

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February 7, 2022
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Security in the transport of chemicals


When we work with hazardous materials, in the case of Fernández y Aedo we transport liquid chemicals, it is mandatory to pay special attention to the security of the recipients and the machinery we will use to bring the materials from one place to another. It is also important to have absortion kits prepared at anytime in case any liquid is spilt accidentaly.

It is a delicate process to transport chemical products as well as its handling, with which we should be as careful as posible. Bare in mind we are working with dangerous substances. We must ensure that, those who manipulate the lorries and the transportation of the chemicals as well as the rest of the people nearby the substances, Will suffer no harm. Our company uses fully equipped and high quality tanker lorries, which are preppaed to carry the chemical liquids by road all over Europe.

What are ADR substances?

ADR is a European agreement signe don 1957 to regulate the transportation by road of hazardous material. Is full name is:  Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road and its mandatory in 49 countries.

This agreement enables the transportation of dangerous materials across these countries allowing to be carried out under secure conditions.

It is in the ADR document where all the hazardous substances that can be transported are mentioned, including the kind of packaging that must be used, the labelling and the loading and unloading of the freight. All the documents and papers needed are also detailed, and the kind of training the operators need to take to manipulate the freight.

In Fernández y Aedo we transport the chamicals with total security total and in the stablished deadliens. ¡Contact us!

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