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Fuel represents a large investment for transport companies, as their fleet requires high fuel consumption. The fuel consumption of a truck can vary significantly depending on multiple factors, which we will explore in this article.

In the following, we will examine the most relevant aspects to consider if you want to reduce fuel consumption in your truck.

➭ First of all, the characteristics of the vehicle are decisive, such as its size, engine and age, as well as the transmission system, aerodynamics and rolling resistance.

➭ In addition, the route chosen is also important, as driving on a motorway is not the same as driving on secondary or national roads with different gradients.

➭ Another factor to consider is the load carried and its weight.

➭ The driver also plays a crucial role in fuel consumption. The way a vehicle is driven and the speed at which it is driven can save between 5 and 10 % of fuel on average. A good driver who uses a speed controller and brakes properly can make a significant contribution to reducing the truck’s fuel consumption.


-The best-kept secrets to saving fuel in your vehicle

Now that we know the factors that influence a truck’s fuel consumption, we can give you the tips you can’t wait to read:

  • Pay attention to the importance of tyres. Between 35% and 60% of the fuel consumption of a large vehicle depends on the rolling resistance of the tyres. It is therefore crucial to always have the right tyres with the right pressure.
  • Maintain them regularly and at regular intervals. A truck requires regular checks to ensure optimum performance and safe driving. If your fleet is always in good condition, you will improve your fuel economy, as your vehicles will be more efficient and leaks will be avoided.
  • Drive at an even speed and avoid sudden acceleration or braking. And drive in anticipation of changes in direction or manoeuvres, to take advantage of the vehicle’s inertia.
  • Avoid overloading the tanker, avoid taking it to its maximum capacity and always respect the recommended weight limit.
  • Use fleet management systems that allow you to monitor fuel consumption, track your vehicles and establish methods to reduce it.

As previously mentioned, driving style is a crucial factor in saving fuel. Good drivers are just as important as quality vehicles, as it has been proven that not everyone drives the same way and that good driving can significantly reduce fuel consumption.

Efficient, skilled and safe drivers with good driving habits are a valuable investment for any transport company. While driving, there are certain factors that the driver can control that can reduce fuel consumption in the truck, such as:

➭ Maintain a constant speed and use speed control to save fuel.

➭ Maintain an adequate safety distance to avoid unnecessary and sudden braking.

➭Use the accelerator smoothly and progressively.

➭Plan your routes in advance to avoid traffic jams and roads with many ups and downs.

➭Switch off the engine if you have to stop for more than 1 minute, such as at traffic lights, in a traffic jam or if you stop to stretch your legs.

➭Avoid driving with open windows at high speeds, as this increases air resistance and reduces fuel efficiency.


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