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The transport of chemicals is a vital activity in many industries, from agriculture to the manufacture of pharmaceuticals. However, it brings with it various concerns about environmental contamination and public health risks. Many myths and misconceptions have arisen around this issue, often hindering an accurate understanding of the challenges and solutions facing the sector. We debunk the 3 false myths about chemical transport pollution:


Myth 1: Tanker trucks are the main culprits of chemical pollution.


This myth, although widely spread, has no solid foundation. While it is true that spills can occur during road transport, statistics show that less than 1% of tanker accidents result in chemical spills. This reflects the effectiveness of the rigorous safety protocols implemented by most companies in the industry. In addition, it is important to recognise that chemical contamination can originate at multiple stages of the supply chain, not just during transportation.


Myth 2: All chemicals are inherently dangerous to the environment


This widespread belief does not take into account the diversity of chemicals transported and the safety measures in place for their proper handling. While some products pose significant risks, many others are inert or non-toxic when handled properly. Chemical transport companies often conduct comprehensive risk assessments and implement specific safety measures to mitigate any negative environmental impacts.


Myth 3: Chemical contamination is unavoidable in road transport


While it is impossible to eliminate all risks, there are numerous strategies and technologies available to minimise contamination and ensure the safety of both the environment and surrounding communities. Investment in advanced monitoring systems, the implementation of rapid response measures and the continuous development of new containment technologies are examples of how the industry can constantly improve its performance in terms of safety and environmental protection.


By demystifying misperceptions and taking a proactive approach to risk management, we can pave the way for safer and more sustainable practices across the industry. Fernández Aedo reiterates its ongoing commitment to safety at every step, continually encouraging innovation and demonstrating a firm commitment to environmental responsibility in all its operations.


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