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There are two annual reports that are of significant importance to companies operating road tankers: the Annual Declaration of Professional Gas Oil and the Annual Safety Advisor’s Report. These documents are not only legal requirements, but also key tools to properly manage operations and ensure compliance.


– Annual Declaration of Commercial Gas Oil:


Each year, transport companies are responsible for submitting the Annual Declaration of Professional Gas Oil, an obligation that this year culminates on 31 March. This document, corresponding to the year 2023, must be communicated during the first quarter of 2024. What does this imply for companies?

Firstly, the declaration must include, for each vehicle registered in the Beneficiary Census during 2023, the kilometres travelled from 1 January to 31 December of the same year. For vehicles requiring the use of a tachograph, this data will be extracted from the tachograph. It is essential to remember that if the vehicles were not under the ownership of the company during the whole year, the declaration must be limited to the period of effective possession.

The filing of the declaration is compulsory through the Electronic Headquarters of the State Tax Administration Agency, thus guaranteeing the company’s tax compliance.


– Annual report of the safety advisor:


Another crucial aspect for road transport companies is the Annual Report of the Safety Advisor. This report, which must be submitted between 1 January and 31 March, provides a detailed overview of the safety activities carried out during the previous year. This document must be kept for 5 years and be available to the authorities on request.

Regulated by Order FOM/606/2018, the report must contain comprehensive information on activities related to the transport of dangerous goods by road. This includes aspects such as staff training, prevention and emergency measures implemented, as well as any incidents or accidents that occurred during the period. And it can only be done telematically.

Both the Annual Declaration of Professional Diesel and the Annual Report of the Safety Advisor are essential elements for road transport companies. It is therefore crucial that companies in the sector understand the importance of these reports and allocate the necessary resources for their preparation and submission in due time and form.


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